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Coach Chris at his Alma Matter in 2016Coach Chris Finseth has 26 years of playing experience and 10 years coaching volleyball.  He was a long time resident of Hawaii and former collegiate player at the University of Oregon.  Chris is a very vibrant coach with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and love of the sport. He will be looking for players that share in his passion for the game and have the desire to explore their personal best and reach for the next level.

He describes himself with a short descriptive of his career. With a 40 inch vertical and explosive hits developed over years of dedicated training in volleyball Coach Chris does not need to rely on bios to describe the depth of his knowledge and Coaching abilities. He is one of the most respected coaches in the North Texas Region and is one of the outstanding coaches in the Blackhawks Volleyball Club.  Chris will be working practices with all of the Blackhawks teams coaches this season to deliver a degree of coaching not typically afforded to other clubs teams.

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This will be Addy's 4th season working with Coach Chris! Coach Chris expects his players to be leaders on and off of the volleyball court. Hard work, focus, determination and the love for the game are some of the reasons we are happy to call Coach Chris Ohana!

Amber Arnold   

Coach Chris is a great volleyball coach......and a sweet Panda!

Jill Livingston   

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